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Retired dogs
All of our retired dogs will still live with their family as a loving pets



Coocoosnest Arctic App At Goldstaff


Arie is a sweet and funny boy. Perfect size. Unfortunately he has quite a big overshot. He will not be used for breeding. Lives together with another co-owned dog from us in a great home.


Mia Flame Whisperer


Kila Is the first female in our kennel. She is amazing in every way. Perfect health and a lovely temperament. Her body construction is spot on! She could have a stronger head, but she gave us 2 amazing litter before we retired her from breeding. Kila have the best life with her family.


Marvidas Gladiator


Joker will not be used for breeding, because he is too big for the breed standard. He have a happy life with his family.


Goldstaff's Adorable Aroma


Rhoma gave us the best litter we ever had in our kennel. She produced 6 puppies of champion quality with the best health score. We are so grateful for what she gave us. She have a great life with her dad.


Hotspark's A Tribute To Goldstaff


Unfortunately this boy did not get both his testicles down. He will not be used for breeding. He live a happy life with his family. 


Luxury Goldstaff L-Fibroids


We found a cyst on the ovary to the uterus. We decided to get her castrated. She was not used for breeding. She have a happy life with her mom.


Hot'n Sweet Of Skystaff Starbuck


Retired after her first litter with 3 nice puppies. Unfortunately two of the puppies got skin issues and we took the whole litter and her out of breeding. She is castrated and lives a great life with her family.


Pride Staff's East Star


Retired from breeding after two litters. Excellent mother and a sweet but soft girl. Spoiled by her mom and lives together with Arie.


Desliver Golcho Chagi


Sam is a lovely balanced boy with a good sense of humor. Unfortunately he produced to much testosterone in his body, and we had to castrate him. He have a great life in his family.


Legend's Dark Damon Du clan D'acela


Damon is a amazing dog who unfortunately never got both his testicles. He got testicular rotation and we had to operate him fast to save his life. He have a great life with his family.


Black Forest Heroes Axon Goldstaff


Axon is a lovely dog with a lot of power. He only has one litter, but we took him out of our breeding program because many of his puppies got problems with tight canines. He have a great life and lives together with Lilly.


Goldstaff's Alpha Attitude


Retired from breeding after 3 great litters. Alpha is used for hunting and will keep doing this in the future. Healthy bitch with a lovely temperament. She have a great life and lives together with Logan, Bella and Luxi.


Goldstaff's Golden Primadonna


Retired from breeding after she gave us a lovely litter of 5 puppies. Lives in a lovely home together with a cat. 


Goldstaff's I'm The Original


Ifa was a high energetic sporting dog that always made you laugh. Unfortunately she had some serious health issues that we did not wanted in our breeding. Later she had to be put down only 3 years old <3 R.I.P.

tilla 1.jpg

Desliver Bandal Chagi


Tilla is a wonderful Stafford in every way. Not only does she have a great exterior, but a great mentality as well. She gave us 4 amazing puppies. Unfortunately 1 of the puppies had to be put down only 2 years of age, we decided to take the whole litter and mom out of breeding. Tilla lives a sporty and great life with her owner.


Ronjastaff's Watch Out Goldstaff


Zita is a very strong bitch with a lovely headpiece (a little clone of her dad Axon). Unfortunately she have narrow canines just like her dad, so we decided to take them both out of our breeding program. She live a great life together with Zantos.


Kidachi's Imala Goldstaff


Amira is a soft girl just like her father, a lovely dog to have around. Amazing head piece. She gave me a lovely litter. After this she was castrated. She is loved by here family and lives in a family with a kid and a chihuahua.

tassen ja.jpg

Breed & Bull Ironman At Goldstaff


Tassen is retired from shows and breeding, he is a super male with the most amazing temperament. We are very happy with his offspring's, and he now lives a happy life with his family.


Goldstaff's Frozen Shillouette


Elsa is a amazing little girl with a super stafford temperament. She was used for one litter under my friends affix (kennel CKstaff), after this she was retired and lives a great life. Loved a lot by her family.


Goldstaff's Crystal Clear


Ruby is an amazing stafford bitch that gave us 1 litter with 3 girls. Unfortantly she damaged her back and was not able to have any more litters. She is still our amazing Ruby with the biggest personality. She has some great big wins behind her in the show ring.

z 2.jpg

Goldstaff's Just Stare If Your Dare


Zantos only had 1 litter in Sweden before he dagamged his ligament in the back legs, since his sister is out of breeding because of the same problem, we took the them all out of breeding.

hu 2.jpg

Goldstaff's Just Went Viral


Ayla is a lovely happy girl, great talent for blood tracking, unfortantly she got AD 2 on one elbow, so we decided to take her out of breeding.


Goldstaff's Headline News


Kirah is a lovely girl who gave us 3 lovely litters in co-operation with her lovely owner. She is now retired, super bitch.

mille ny.jpg

Goldstaff's Haters Make Me Famous


Mille is a sweet girl that have done well in the show ring, she is sterilized after she had a pregnancy with only one puppy that she lost before birth. So we have no puppies from her, but she is still a great ambassador for the kennel.

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