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Puppy from us

Kennel Goldstaff’s aim is to breed functionally healthy dogs, with a race typical construction and mentality, which can live a long and happy life for the benefit of themselves, their owners and society. Therefore, all our dogs are health tested for various diseases, before they are used in our breeding program.


 The puppy will be:

*Registrated in the Norwegian Kennel Club

*Export pedigree for foreign buyers

*Health certificate




*Health checked

*Eye Screened

*Blood sample for DNA storage

This will follow with the puppy:

*Lifelong contact with us

*Documents with health cerficate, contract, information about the breed and sickness.

*Information about your puppy and the pedigree.

*Puppybag with food and candy, toys, collar/leash, harness, ID tag (with your phone number) ++

All puppies from us will be socialized with adults, children and other dogs/animals, and be taken for several car trips when they are old enough.

The litter will be raised in our home environment amongst the busyness of the household, and will therefore be used to noises and be well socialized.

We want our puppy buyers to have good contact with us as breeders. We want updates and photos of your dog. We also want you to health check your dog when the time is right, because this will help us in further breeding, and help you to identify your dog’s health.

We want to have a personal meeting with our future puppy buyers, and feel that everything is right before we promise anyone a puppy. At date of sale, each puppy is at least 8 weeks old before they go to their new homes. 


If you have some more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on E-mail

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