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About me

I am a young lady, who have loved animals my entire life. I have grown up with dogs,

horses and cats, which have sparked my interest in my adult life.

Besides breeding, I have also been doing competitive riding, and owned 2 great

dressage horses.


By education, I graduated from highschool, with a speciality in animals and agriculture.

I also have a 3-year Bachelor degree in animal science at
the University of Milo and Sciences (UMB). (Nutrition, breeding, genetics and ethology

in dogs, horses and cats.) I have attended breeder course 1 “breeding and genetics”

and course 2 "Breeding" in the Norwegian Kennel Club.




















I work at NKK (Norwegian Kennel Club) and could not have a more appropriate and inspiring job! I work at the registration department.

I live in a big house with a garden on the countryside. When I decided to get the first Staffordshire bull terrier in  the house, I searched for almost 2 years before I found "Harrystaffs Impressive Ikaros". I could not have gotten a better “first-time stafford” and I fell completely in love with the breed. Not long after Karos came to my house, we got a beautiful little girl (Mia Flame Whisperer). Kila was imported from Great Britain. After much dedication and many exhibitions later, I found out that I wanted to promote this lovely breed, and began breeding.


This started Kennel Goldstaff. Why is my Kennel name Goldstaff? This is because it means “Gold team”. Something I wanted my stafford family to be. The goal of my breeding is to breed functionally healthy dogs, with a breed typical construction and mentality, who can live a long and happy life for the benefit of themselves, their owners and society. My dogs have passed all necessary tests for diseases and health problems, before they are used in my breeding. I have many criterias for my breeding, where health and temperament is the first priority. I also think it’s important that all my dogs are true to the breed standard in regards to exterior, so we also attend dogs shows regularly.

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